Pressure treated wood decking with composite trex board Gibbstown, NJ

Pressure treated wood deck Trex Composite Decking, Gibbstown, NJ
Adding a pool deck to your above ground pool will certainly enhance the appearance and the value of the your overall project. 
The benefits and pleasure can be enjoyed all season by all. From Swimmers to sun bathers pool decking makes home swimming more enjoyable. Not to mention the added safety benefit!

pressure treated wood pool deck and gate ideas
Trex Composite Decking 6×12 Deck
pressure treated wood gate ideas
Self Closing Gate On site construction

This deck was constructed mainly for fun in the sun. 
The deck contours three section of the pool rim and features Composite decking coverage for a safe long lasting application

Why Mix Materials

When planning your deck project many homeowner after pricing out the cost of all composite materials may end up putting it off. 
With the project above, the homeowner had a very limited budget….so here was the plan. 
First of all composite decking projects have a full pressure treated sub frame. This includes rim box, joist, stair risers and post. No getting around that. 
Secondly, when you look at an all pressure treated deck that has aged and received many years of exposure your eye will direct to the most damaged areas of the deck, the top railing and the surface floor decking coverage. This is because during the day, especially summer time, every component that is flat to the ground (horizontal) will wear and decay 5-7 time faster than any component that sits vertical to the sun i.e.balusters, post stair riser only. 
During the day the horizontal flat surfaces receive 100% sun exposure for 8-12 hours a day. all vertical component receive limited time of sun exposure as the sun crosses the sky. Therefor, vertical members out last all decking and flat wood railing. With this in mind….the mix. 
Are you stuck with it? No. Upgrades if desired can be placed on the decking platform anytime. Remember the railing system is typically built independent of the platform. Most owners seeking this to manage their budget have simply stained the exposed vertical member to match the color of their composite deck surface and top railing.

Composite deck ideas with pressure treated mix materials

The top railing or railing board is also trex composite to prevent injury by splintering wood. 
In time all pressure treated lumber will split, turn, twist and break down. The composite hand board over post and baluster presents a slim line profile apposed to a bulky 2×6 length of lumber. 
Assembly is screw construction utilizing tan screws for the pressure treated frame work and match grey deck screws for the trex grey composite materials. NO NAILS HERE!!!
Railings can be pressure treated wood square or turned baluster, Vinyl railing or white Severe Weather Railing as shown in our other constructed projects. 
Basic decking can be assemble using many different materials however we feel any deck constructed should have basic long term safety in mind therefor, as a minimum standard your deck should be covered by composite materials.

Pressure treated deck ideas

Mix Materials

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Please preview our additional deck projects.

Composite deck and vinyl railing system ideas

Full composite decking with gate

All decking is designed and installed to meet local municipal code approval. All Pool decking shall conform to local code for safety and access.
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