White Vinyl Privacy tongue and grove Fencing with Decorative vinyl arch gate in Pedricktown, NJ

Vinyl privacy fencing installation 
with custom 48″ self closing arch designed gate. 
Pedricktown, NJ.
Vinyl Privacy Fencing with Custom Arch Gate
Vinyl Privacy fencing is installed to conceal an exterior heating oil tank to this home. Six foot privacy vinyl fencing can be cut and modified to fit any length to a maximum span of eight feet. 
Tongue and grove privacy vinyl fencing offers inter locking panels to ensure continuous privacy during normal seasonal expansion and contraction of the vinyl fencing. 
This surround conforms to an existing concrete patio and with the slightly raised installation the home owner may now install interlocking pavers for an access walk way. 
Post are install more than 24″ inches into the ground and are tamped with dry concrete mix. This insures a solid installation without misalignment or leaning caused by continued installation. 
Upon completion all post locations are water saturated to advance the curing of the bagged concrete set. Natural moisture from the earth will continue to cure the well packed concrete set mix. 

For additional information or a Free estimate and consultation
Call Today or request your appointment above. 

238 W Broad St.
Gibbstown, NJ 08027


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