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Outdoor Wrought Iron Step and staircase Railing design Iron railing designs and fence

For many of us, it is always a desire to give our homes the best feel, look and decor. And in many cases we look for new designs, styles and accessories to enhance the look of our homes. But an important factor that is often being neglected is the outdoor appearance of the house. Fences and gates are an important part to enhance the external appeal of your homes. For outdoor decor, wrought iron fences and gates provide a great design appeal and also security.

Wrought iron has always been used as one of the most popular materials for manufacturing a wide range of home decor products. Gone are those days when we see a large fence made of iron or wood or bamboo, without much style and beauty. But today, wrought iron is widely used for making fences in rich, magnificent styles thereby changing the look of a building or a home.

Wrought iron is a very durable material and easily malleable and hence can easily be given different shapes. Moreover they are rust free if properly taken care of. The best part of the wrought iron fences is that they reveal a royal look and feel of your homes. There is a wide selection of wrought iron fence gates in various sizes, shapes and designs. Wrought iron fences with their elegant curves give any landscape a splendid look. Being soft and easy to form, it is indeed the best material to use when installing a fence around your home.

WroughtIron Fences
Wrought iron fence designs

Wrought Iron Fences for Outdoor Decor and Security

How Can You Use The Wrought Iron Fences

  • The best use of a fence is to frame the exterior of your house to provide additional security. The styles can range from Victorian styles to fence designs of the Roman era to modern, contemporary sleek designs. The use of wrought iron for a fence also depends on the kind of house you have.
  • Wrought iron fences can also be used to to create pathways from the gate to your front door. These fences look all the more beautiful when flowers or creepers grow on them. This give a very ornate look and a proper shape to your landscape.
  • Use a wrought iron gate in combination with the fence to give that perfect finishing touch.
  • As a feature within the garden area, a wrought iron fence can be used to highlight certain areas like the water fountain or a small area for your vegetables or a group of flower beds for added charm.
  • You can also create a seating arrangement in your garden patio. You can create a deck with wrought iron fence. The seating arrangement can be at one corner of the garden or at the center of the garden and separate that space by surrounding with fences.
  • Similarly, the wrought iron fences can also be installed in your backyard that provides you with security along aesthetic value. Usually, such fences have spikes at their edges.

The grandeur associated with the wrought iron fences cannot be overlooked. When used in combination with other accessories and elements in your outdoor space, they will definitely provide the ultimate visual appeal of the exterior of your home.

Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought Iron Fence At The Backyard
Courtesy Wrought Iron Craft

Wrought Iron Solid Steel Embedded Step Railing Designs 
Solid Iron decorative stair railing offers a unique custom look to home or office. Long lasting solid steel embedded into your sidewalk or steps provides a safe barrier for slip and fall along with being strongest application that could be installed at your home. 

All iron railings are specifically measured and designed for your specific walk areas. Once fabricated your custom  iron railings can be installed within hours. 

Wrought Iron Railing Designs
Embedded Wrought Iron Railing Designs

Iron step railings

Left and right iron design front stairs 36″


6″ solid iron railing stock embedded and secure
with liquid hydraulic cement
For additional information or a Free estimate and consultation
Call Today or request your appointment above. 

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