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Hello I am, Vincent S. Dramis, working owner.
As a resident to Gloucester County, NJ. I have provided rehab and construction services throughout the tri-state region for more than 30 years!

From simple minor repairs to major home improvements and renovations you can rest assured only the highest quality workmanship will go into every job to achieve the best results.
Our Mission
 With our experience, knowledge and expertise of the trades, we stride to offer the best quality building and remodeling materials for your budgeted plan. Compiled with our 100% satisfaction Guarantee, your assured of the highest quality results with professional care and consideration of your home during the process. We’ve learned long ago that professional conduct, work and craftsmen ship will ultimately lead to more business referrals from you!
Our Goal


To help you achieve your remodeling plans by direct services or providing helpful incite to the latest techniques and home improvement products to assist you on your way.

Please take your time and review some of our tips and trends and for more information and if you’re local to our location email or call for a free no obligation estimate for your work call:

Complete Home Remodeling Co.
NJ REG 13vh05789700

Vincent Dramis

Gibbstown, NJ 08027
Email Me:

Off: 856-423-5716

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