Exterior Severe Weather Railing and Composite Vinyl Porch Railing, Designs, Installations NJ, PA.

Outdoor Severe Weather Porch Railing System Lowes

Out Door Servere Weather Composite Porch Railing

Corner Vinyl Reinforced Support Post

Severe Weather Outdoor Composite Porch Railing is durable, attractive and maintenance free. There are several styles of Composite porch and stair railings to choose from. Severe Weather Railing consist of 100% composite materials throughout with no steel reinforcement. It is a stand alone product that can not be matched.
Before with no porch railing

Custom Designed Stair Railing Kits
Another type of composite railing is a steel reinforced composite where channels throughout the railing contain  steel inserts which offer additional support. Usually there is a reduction to the thickness of the composite portion to the railing.
Severe Weather Railing “a must”
A third product would be Vinyl Wrapped steel railings. This form of porch railing is also very durable, very sturdy, and maintenance free, as other, the difference is the actual railing and base rail are formed steel with a very thin, preformed vinyl wrapped around.
Gibbstown NJ Severe Weather Railing System
Pool Railing for decking


All products may be combined with floor to ceiling support post, as shown, along with providing a fully maintenance free composite porch railing design.
All three type of vinyl and composite porch and stair railing are sturdy and maintenance free however, there is a great difference in material cost which may range between $22.00 – $35.00 per running foot of railing. he reason for such a great difference is that individual manufacturers produce difference types of base mount kits, post sleeves and connector hardware. The running foot cost includes post, connector, screws, base cover for the post along with decorative post toppers and the sealant to secure.
So the above cost reference is an average cost based on all composite and vinyl porch stair railing that we have provided and installed throughout NJ. PA.

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