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Residential Double Front Entry Doors and Double front Fiberglass entry Door systems

Jeld-wen Fiberglass foam filled insulated double entry doors. 

Residential double front entry doors
Washington Township, NJ

The right door for the right look!

This 60/68 pre-hung fiberglass double entry door is manufactured by Jeld-Wen and is available through special order by any Lowes Home Improvement Center

This particular unit retails for under $1500.00 and is sold with manufacturers frame and sill for proper installation. 

Fiberglass – Steel – Vinyl

Must know facts

What the box stores won’t tell you
“because they don’t know”

There is quite a bit of confusion of out right lack of professional knowledge when it come to recommendations regarding what type of door materials to purchase. Steel clad, Fiberglass, Vinyl….How to choose. 

With 21 years experience and prior warranty rep for 6 different manufacturers, this little bit of information can prevent a nightmare 

If your door exposure is sunny, and I mean hot afternoon sun beating down on it, Do not install vinyl or fiberglass!
The panel slabs will pull an arc to the heat of the sun. When the sun is no longer on them they will flex back to there original state providing again a good sealed door if they are installed properly. During expansion and flex arc, daylight and wind will be noticeable.

If you select fiberglass for its beautiful rich appearance, beware of the storm door. 
Fiberglass manufactured warranties are void if the placement of a self sealing storm door is installed.
The air tight trapped air between the efficient doors will boil to 225 degrees over expanding the fiberglass cause left and right stress relief cracks.

How to choose

Most doors perform very well, we found, so appearance and price will often be the deciding factor. But in selecting a door, you also need to keep some practical considerations in mind.

Consider fiberglass first

Steel doors account for about half the market, competing with fiberglass and wood. Types shows how they compare. Considering price, wear and tear, and maintenance, fiberglass makes a very practical choice for most people. As a class, fiberglass doors edge out steel doors for wear and tear. Wood doors were better still in that regard, we found. However, wood doors generally didn’t do quite as well as fiberglass or steel at keeping out heavy rain. They also require regular maintenance to keep their looks.
With any type of door, be sure it has an adjustable threshold to keep it weather tight over the years. Without that feature, you may need to add a new sweep to be sure that the door keeps out rain and drafts.

Know the pros and cons of glass

Entry doors like the ones we tested are available in hundreds of variations, depending on which panel design, glass inserts, sidelights, or transoms you choose. The more elaborate the glass, the more the door will cost.
Keep in mind, too, that glass near the knob and lock can compromise security. Glass inserts also cut the insulating value of steel or fiberglass doors.

Keep energy efficiency in perspective

Steel and fiberglass doors have more insulating value than wood doors, but the differences really don’t matter much. For one thing, doors are a very small part of the surface area of a house and therefore don’t allow large amounts of warm to air escape. For another, heat is generally lost through air leaks around the door, not through the door itself.
We think it’s better to use price or style, not claims for energy efficiency, to choose between doors you’re considering.

Remember that size matters

Unless you’re replacing an entry door as part of a larger remodeling project, you may want the new door to be the same size as the old. If you opt for a wider or taller door or want to add sidelights, you’ll have to redo the framing that holds the door in place. That’s something best left to a qualified contractor. Unless you’re a very adept carpenter, you may want to hire a pro to install the new door in any event.

Go online before you go to the retailer

Manufacturer Web sites describe materials, let you order catalogs, and help you find a local retailer. Some sites include how-to installation videos. Online shopping can save you time at the store.
A distributor may not display the exact door you want, but you should be able to see a similar model that will give you an idea of construction and finishes. Home centers generally offer installation services, but their displays, stock, and selection are more limited.

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