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Tile shower Patterns and design 

Custom tile installation Tile Shower & Bath Designs

Adding ceramic or porcelain tile to your bath can richly enhance the beauty and value of you home and bath areas. 
With an industry that is so versatile and creative you could literally burn out trying to select the right patterns, styles and materials for your home. Since the industry has expanded material cost have drastically lowered making it very affordable to complete your project. 
Cost average – As a rule of thumb to establish a quick idea of what your project may cost I like to use a realistic cost per square foot  to establish a budget. $10.00 per sq ft. can give you a project cost projection. Broken down as follows $2 per sq ft. for backer board and screws. $2 per sq ft for Fortified mortar (thin Set) $4. per sw ft for actual ceramic tile (this will vary upon your selection). $2 per sq ft. for grout, grout sealer, sealant, dehazer and cleaner.
If you are installing self this allows for minor tools rentals such as a wet cutting saw, mixers, trowels floats etc…assuming you don’t own all the tools. 
There are many different types of tile from ceramic, porcelain, composite or stone to name a few. Once your decide on the look you wish to create….shop around for the best deal. Pricing is pretty competitive. 
Below are a few ideals to help or stimulate your minds ideas.

Ceramic wall tile designs
Tile shower pattern is 48″ Height
Tile Shower Patterns

 Ceramic Bathroom Tile Shower Patterns Design – ceramic tile can range from fairly cheap to very expensive and it is the classic choice. Tile is made of clay, shale or porcelain and is formed and fired at very high temperatures until it hardens.

Layout your pattern in the store. his can give you a great perception as to the final installation. Take pictures of your designs and share with others for ideals.

Ceramic tile shower with corner shelving
2 tile shower corner shelves installed

Grout is the material used to fill the spaces between the tiles. Make sure you apply sealers to grout lines in areas of heavy wear like countertops. Sealers will also preserve grout colors. The right color will enhance the tile shower design.

Several techniques can be used to create a professional look of the installation. 

  • Preview videos of tile installation
  • Preview videos of cutting tile (basic very easy with the proper tool)
  • Level line the area where you’re applying tile.
  • Consider starting in the dead center of the field 
  •        So if your tiling a show…there are 3 walls to consider. Left right and rear. Find dead center on the rear wall and start left and toward the right from that point. The end result is that the left side and right side of the rear wall will match. The same tile cut size ending left will also end right. (symmetry). 
  • Another big technique – corning bending or folding to complete a continuous pattern. 
  •       This is simply applying the end cut off from the rear wall (left or right) and continuing the pattern on the right wall or left, which direction you’reworking. The idea is to make the appear to fold at the corner. In the photo below if you could imaging laying the wall flat on the floor….there would be a constant uninterrupted pattern.

ceramic tile bath
Tile Corner flow

Here Corner shelving was installed. The lower shelve is directly inline with the tile bead which is utilized for tile shower pattern separation.

Mid way the same 6″ x 6″ tile is turned diamond to add flare and to break up a dull tradition appearance.
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ceramic tile with glass accent tile
Perfection in tile shower design

Stone Bathroom Tile Shower pattern Designs (marble, granite, brick, slate, onyx, travertine and limestone) – this tile can be beautiful, very strong, durable in high-traffic areas, it will last a long time, is low maintenance and easy to clean. However, it is expensive, it’s a cold material, can be slippery and absorbs stains easily.

bath tile with accent bead
Wrapping corner tile shower design

As shown, the corner of the shower, as with all corners reflect a wrap effect. It almost appears the a flat wall was folded with the tile already installed creating an uninterrupted flow.

mosaic glass tile
Multi color glass mosaic accent tile

Wow, nice choice here. 6/6 tile with separation bead under  matching chair rail and two 1×1″ mixed color glass mosaic tiles. Grout is a shade of almond to compliment the tile and enhance the beauty of the finished tile. 

Complete Custom shower with glass doors
Custom Tile Shower design

The finished tile shower design has a clear glass sliding door installed which creates an open view to enhance appearance and presents a larger, less constricting appearance. 

Custom bath vanity swan stone installation
matching tile flooring

The ceramic tile flooring is matching quality, design and color sized at 12″ square. Grout is a match to the wall grout. Custom Swanstone cultured vanity

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