Home Improvement Remodeling Plan…?

Should I have a Remodeling Plan

Absolutely even the simplest plan will assist you from the start to completion of your remodeling or construction project in a timely affordable manner. 

Without a plan or “Job Description“, days may turn into weeks and hundreds into thousands. You definitely don’t want to wing remodeling projects especially if you’re not in the business of rehab every day. Even the best of the best will develop a written game plan outlining in detail the chain of events to occur. 

If you are not sure how to start a plan, ask around friends relatives or local professionals. Remember even the most basic plan is better than none. 

Remodeling plan construction

Your plan needs to consider several issues

Cost of the remodeling project. You should establish an estimate of cost to perform the improvement. Shop around pricing components, fixtures and items you would prefer to have installed. (get a feel for averages $$$)

Certain professional services may be required for your project such as plumbers, electrician or other specialist. Most professionals will provide a free estimate for homeowners. 

2nd Demolition

 – how far do you need to go? Can I do it all my self? Do I need partial assistance from a professional? 

These questions are key to a well rounded plan of action. Simply put how much remodeling am I doing? How Much from a professional service and what’s the cost?
Get familiar with the cost to rewire or to re-plumb that bathroom or kitchen. 

Is it a full demo removing tub shower, walls, flooring ceiling fans etc…if so be expected to bring the entire room up to local building codes. 

So price out you electrical, plumbing then your set work such as tub/shower unit, exhaust fan, tile flooring, insulation, wall coverings and vanity components, mirror, lights….all the frills. 

Once you have enough information jot down a basic plan and critique. 

If you’re not sure of the cost 
associated with a particular component i.e. drywall, electrical, plumbing etc..  they’ll typically provide a free evisit the big box store, and get estimates for what you can’t do i.e electric….plumbing.  

In a nut shell your plan should at least contain reference to the following:

  • When to start and complete
  • Your participation (doing some or all the work or none?)
  • Extent of project – fixture only, fixtures and paint, fixtures, paint services, walls and floor (coverings only or sub floor and wall included) how far do want to go. 
  • Time for the remodeling project – Simple rule of thumb here “whatever you think your are capable of completing in a certain time i.e. week , 2 weeks… take that amount and add half to it. It is inevitable that there will be delays…this is the system and how it work. The more participants the more delay. I have used this practice for more than 28 Years and find it still  stands true especially in an older home. 
  • Quality of the installed components – “Looks easy” Don’t be fooled, there are many areas of concern. Something completed a certain way in one dwelling may not be the same in another or in your home. Foresite is a remodeler’s best friend. What if I…. or should I…, If you’re not sure,,,ASK or look it up. Your best asset is going to be your mouth. No ego’s here. If you’re not sure ask but beware everyone has a different twist on life You’ll hear several methods! Today we have the marvelous internet. Google it, youtube it whatever. Again you will experience and array of techniques and methods. Not all are right or wrong….it’s just what is acceptable to local code standards. 
  • Permits – “I don’t get permits”, as the less than reputable remodeler will state,  “all they do is collect money anyway”, wrong.… your local jurisdiction has full control over your job. They have the right to provide and revoke permits and site for fine for any violation that they deem unsafe or incorrectly constructed. But never fear, they are on your side. Your local construction official is there to assist you when you submit your construction remodeling plans. If there is any thing out of code acceptance i.e. wrong size drain, incorrect wire gauge…etc. they’ll let you know. Their assistance is to keep you out of future trouble and danger for incorrect assemblies and construction practices. Don’t do you project under the radar….at some point you will have to deal with them. Before your project or possible 10 years later when you sell!
  • Last but never the least Cost – Budget – Dollars … after you have shop around establish a realistic budget…then throw it away, just kidding. After you’ve priced out all fixtures, components, lumber, tile professional cost the permits and all considerer Jot it down and come up with your budget thenadd at least 15%.   
  • Even after 30 years as a full time remodeling specialist, I still miss things. Also try not to start on a dead budget make sure you have your full budget set aside. Don’t do you project a little each week in conjunction with payday….it won’t work. If you go a little over enjoy it’s your home and at least you getting your monies worth.

If your local – For additional information or a Free estimate and consultation
Call Today, or use the contact form. 

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